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Posted on January 02 2019


We all know how the only underpaid job in this world is the job of a mother. Being a mother is a lifelong duty and these women in our lives deserve something special since words cannot describe how much thankful we are for having them and how much we love them, we can show them some love by gifting them something that expresses everything we ever wanted to tell them.

So, this Valentine’s Day shows all that love to the woman who has showered you with unconditional love all her life. We at Samruddhi Creations help you make your mother feel special.

Here are some ideas to help make your gifting experience easy:

  1. Personalised Diary: what better way to express your love to your mother by writing it all down. Order a diary here at Samruddhi Creations and fill it in with maybe your mother’s favourite quotes or lines from a book or a movie. You can also customise the cover according to your choice. You can also paste pictures with different memories making it a memory diary.
  2. Personalised Photo Frame: sometimes a picture says it all and when it’s for your mother a single picture speaks volumes. You can always choose the kind of frame you want for your mother. You can choose from varieties of frames such as natural stone, printed ceramic, hardboard. You can also make a collage of pictures or just write something for her under your favourite picture with her.
  3. Personalised Mugs: Every mother drinks coffee or tea and what better gift than a mug. We personalise mugs for you according to your choice and you can choose to either print your favourite picture of her or just write a favourite line from her favourite song. If you stay away from your mother this is the best way to remind her of you every morning while she sips her morning drink.
  4. Jewellery: Not only diamonds but jewellery is a woman’s best friend. Gift her a necklace with an infinity sign that shows how your love for her is also infinite. You can also gift her a necklace with a pair of earrings that have hearts on it. With so many options in jewellery, it’s never really difficult to choose any one thing.
  5. Mixtape: Although this is a very old idea hey our mothers love everything old so why not gift her a mixtape with all her favourite songs on it that she has loved over the years. You can also leave a sweet message for her at the end of the mixtape and it’s bound to make her happy.
  6. Paperweights: With working mothers is always easy to gift her something that she needs. A paperweight with cute engravings on it can help all the working mothers from teachers to office goers.
  7. Cutting board: Kitchen and moms are inseparable so why not gift her something that would make her life jolly in the kitchen such as a chopping board. Getting a heart-shaped board on this occasion is the most suitable gift.
  8. Handbag with a wallet: Gifting a bag with a wallet along is the most thoughtful gift because we all know it no woman can never have too many bags.
  9. Organiser pouch: it’s a known fact that women lose things in their handbags so why not gift them an organiser pouch that would help moms to separate their makeup, charger and other items so that it gets easy for them to find in a full handbag.
  10. Tea towels: Fancy kitchen towels are every mother’s weakness so not make the best out of it and gift your mom a fancy set of tea towels that she would later show off to her friends.
  11. Perfume: Perfumes are one of the most difficult gifts to pick out but not if she is your mother. Choose your mothers favourite brand and favourite scent and gift it to her to make the scent of her life even more attractive.
  12. Personalised Keychains: you can always gift her a keychain with a little pocket family picture attached to it to make it more sentimental for her.
  13. Wooden engravings: Choose a beautiful saying that you want your mother to read every time she wakes up and sees that engraving on wood making it an eternal yet beautiful gift.
  14. Personalized cheese board: Think of out of ordinary personalised gift for mom, if she loves to entertain, gift her fancy chic personalized cheese board.
  15. Leather Paperweight: These colourful paperweights will make a stack of papers look that much nicer.