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Posted on September 27 2018


There’s no season or a particular time for gifts. Gifts are given usually to show the loved one that you love them enough to go an extra mile for them and gift them something that would stay with them forever, reminding them about you. What better way for them to remember you than with a smile. Gifting them a funny gift with an inside joke will give it a personal touch, forever remaining close to their hearts. Here are a few ideas to help you ease out brainstorming session on the gifting process:

  1. Personalized Pajamas: Pajamas are the most underrated gifts of all times. But giving them is like giving someone a very cute gift but with a funny twist. You can personalize pajamas for your loved ones by either getting something funny printed on them or by getting their favorite catchphrase printed on it; anything that you know, will light up their face. You can always find good quality products online and give it your own personal twist.
  2. Personalized Notebooks: No matter how tech savvy our generation can get, we can never not use a notebook and a pen. Everybody gets bored of the same old boring notebooks so why not personalize a notebook as such that looks good when removed from a bag and that also makes a person crack a smile. You can always gift a personalized notebook to a teacher for example with the cover saying something funny that would brighten up an annoyed teachers mood or you can gift one to your friend or siblings which says “List of people I want to punch in the face “. This always brings a twist and makes gifting a funny thing to do.
  3. Personalized Aprons: We all have a chef friend or someone who doesn’t know how to cook. In any case you can gift your loved one a nice apron with funny quotes or pictures printed on them that show off their amazing skills in the kitchen. These aprons can obviously be gifted to even your parents who have ruled over the kitchen for years. These Personalized aprons will bring a smile on their face thus making their cooking experience a happy one.
  4. Personalized Calendar: Although everyone has a calendar on their phone a little attraction in the room in the form of a personalized calendar with a funny twist can do no wrong. You can personalize a calendar for your loved one with funny quotes or pictures of them with you or maybe even funny dog pictures that would brighten up their day every time they look at it. You can even add your holidays, to make it funny.
  5. Personalized Mugs: This is one of the most useful gifts that can either be used in the kitchen or can be kept as a show piece. But nevertheless you can Personalize a mug according to the taste of your loved one with either a funny picture with a wanted sign on it as a joke or maybe a funny quote related to them anything to make the personalized gift a happy one that brings out happy tears.
  6. Personalized Hanging Wooden Sign: If you are attending someone’s house warming and are thinking of what gift to give that person then what better than a hanging wooden sign. You can personalize your own wooden sign either for the main door or for someone’s bedroom. To make it quirky and funny you can write down something funny on it that would make anyone who’s at the door smile.
  7. Personalized Phone Covers: These days everybody needs a phone cover to protect their phones from breaking. So why just have a basic phone cover when you can personalize your own phone cover based on what your loved one likes. You can personalize the phone cover according to what your loved one prefers for example a favorite quote or a favorite picture of an animal or something funny to make the phone look attractive and funny at the same time.
  8. Personalized Shopping Bag: Shopping bags are an essential in every household. So why not gift your loved one personalized shopping bags that can be very useful for them. You can design bags according to the shopping needs and give it a little funny name that makes it look quirky. You can gift them shopping bags based on grocery shopping, electrical shopping, shoe shopping, etc., just to make it more fun and happening that would make heads turn when your loved one is out for shopping.
  9. Personalized Coasters: Coasters are essential things in any ones house especially someone who needs his/house to be extremely clean. You can personalize coasters with names of the family members or their pet names with maybe a funny emoticon on it or anything else that would make your loved one use the coaster always because it brings a smile on their face. You can give it your own color, design, anything that your loved one would really like as a present.
  10. Personalized Doormats: Doormats are usually the first impression someone has about your house. So why not make that impression a good and a funny one by personalizing a doormat for your loved one with something funny written on it that would make someone smile when they are standing outside your loved ones house.

Gifts can be difficult to choose but when given out of love it becomes an easy job and gifting someone something funny can help bring out the inner comedian in you and also manage to make the person smile or maybe even cry happy tears due to the laughter they get after seeing their gift.